Integrated Care

Our Integrated Care Program provides personalized assistance with your mental health, physical health, and social service needs. Many mental health consumers get lost in the shuffle of health care system.

Pathways Integrated Care Program can be very helpful in connecting you to a health care provider, which is not directly in the Pathways System. Our goal with Pathways Integrated Care is to get you connected with the best providers to help meet all your mental and health care needs. Let our experienced care coordinators connect you with services that range from Psychiatry to Primary Care. Pathways Integrated Health provides communication between all of your service providers to ensure your needs are addressed in a comprehensive manner.

Over the past 20 years Pathways has developed relationships and connection to many different types of health providers in our community. Let us get you connected to the best integrated health care you can have.

Integrated care will help link and connect you with many services, these are just a few:

  • Linkage to comprehensive Primary Health Care
  • Linkage to Psychiatric Care
  • Linkage to Dental Care
  • Linkage to Vision Care
  • Linkage to Specialized Health Care
  • Health and Wellness Education courses and groups

Pathways Integrated Care Program helps you by connecting all of your health and mental health providers.